Email Policy


Important notice on emails:

  • The content of and any attachments to an e-mail as received from MIB may not be the same as that originally sent to you. If you think that the content of any attachment relates to the formation or performance of a contract, you should consider requesting a copy of it be sent to you by facsimile or post.
  • The information contained in an e-mail is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not its intended recipient, you must not retain, copy, distribute or use the e-mail for any purpose or disclose any of its content to others. Please notify the sender immediately and then delete it.
  • Information in an e-mail unrelated to MIB business is not given or endorsed by the company.
  • MIB monitors e-mails sent and received via its network for viruses or unauthorised use and for other lawful business purposes. We check e-mails for viruses and other harmful components and believe, but do not guarantee, that each is virus-free prior to its onward transmission. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage an e-mail may cause to your in-house systems.